Saturday, January 12, 2013


Annyeong fellows~! How are you, huh? *-*
This is my first post of my first kpop blog lol, actually this is my first blog at all SASHUAHSUH I just did it because of my school at first but I think I'm starting to like it keke~
Well, introducing me... I'm a portuguese Kpopper, 98line, I think I'm fluent in english but apologize for future mistakes, nee? SAHUSHUAHS I'm a fanatic BBC, INSPIRITE, Cassie, VIP... So, please don't come here to say something bad about my babies (mainly about Block B, my derp little boys ~Zico~), ok? ok u_u keke~
I'll start posting some Kpop Idols Profiles of my favorite groups, sorry for any mistakes, I'm not a wikipedia keke.
Thanks fot the attention

Hope you like my blog ^ _ ^ @BBCQueen

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