Wednesday, April 3, 2013

INFINITE Comeback and tracklist.

To be honest, "Man in Love" is not one of my favorite musics of them, it's not as catching as "TheChaser" or "Special Girl" from INFINITE H. But what can I say? It's INFINITE, those guys are always being more famous and making more sucess doesn't matter if their new music is good or not. I'm a INSPIRIT, don't think I don't like them, not at all! I just don't really like this music... The concept is really cute, the choreo is cool, the clothes are a bit funny, their haircuts are AWESOME, the rap is really cool and Woohyun's high note is insane but... The music is not that catching. TT^TT And the intro is also cool, really calm and touching but they could have more, ~how can I say this~, act on stage (?)
Resuming, they are all really pretty and cute and perfect. And Sungjong... Geez! He looks like a lady! I'm just in love. keke But I'm a Dongwoo's biased, he is my love from INFINITE. ♥_♥ 

'New Challenge' tracklist:
1. Welcome To Our Dream
2. 남자가 사랑할 때 (Man In Love)
3. 이보다 좋을 순 없다 (As Good As It Gets)
4. 그리움이 닿는 곳에 (Still I Miss You)
5. Beautiful
6. 60초 (Infinite Vers.)
7. 불편한 (Inconvenient Truth)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SPEED's Comeback with "Pain"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME! I CAN'T EVEN GET OVER THIS MUSIC! It's so much better than "It's not over". The dance, the music, the haircuts, the clothes... AMAZING~!

Do you already listened to it? No? OMG HOW DARE YOU? YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT! NOOW! IT'S AN ORDER Ù_Ú keke. Sorry.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I wanna dance dance dance dan-dance! Fantastic Baby ♫

Every kpopper already tried to learn some kpop choreography... Me too! But FAAAAAIL, cuz I'm not good at dancing AT ALL. T_T At least I gave me a chance e_e keke
Actually, my older sister has a cover group, and I have to confess... THEY DANCE LIKE MACHINES! Ok, not that much, I mean, they will never be like TaeMin, HyoYeon, U-Kwon or something like that... Mianhae unnie ♥~  Ok, now seriously, they are really good at dancing, at least way better then me.
But the good news is that they will perform SNSD's I Gotta A Boy at their school and you know what? -v- It seems like I'm part of DREAM too *-* (DREAM is the name of the group) I know it's just because each one of them can't dance 3 girls at the same time but.. It doesn't matter, I'll dance. -v- keke
Well, I talked too much. lol All this "conversartion" just because I will post some of Youtube's channels with dance versions of kpop choreos and some with also mirrored version. It's easier to learn in those kind of versions. ^-^  These channels are the bests I founded so far. Wish you luck ♥







Saturday, February 2, 2013

S - P - Double E - D! SPEED




Stage name: Taewoon
Birth name: Woo Jiseok
Nickname: Sage Taewoon
Birthday: 11, May 1990
Position: Leader, main rapper and vocalist.
Height: 1.84 cm
Weight: 84kg
Education: Tokyo Polytechnic University.
Hobbies: Composing songs, playing basketball and watching movies.
Specialty: Painting/drawing, japanese, writing lyrics.
Twitter: @bkgo123

- Older brother of Zico who is the leader of Block B;
- Had a minor role in "Can You Hear My Heart.
- Had a participation with The SeeYa's Be With You.



Stage name: Jungwoo
Birth name: Kim JungWoo
Nickname: Sky Earth Yoosung
Birthday: May 9, 1990
Height: 1.81cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood type: A
Position: Main Vocalist
Education: Bucheon University, Advertisement Design. (dropped out)
Hobbies: Sports, playing guitar, playing games, shopping and watching TV.
Specialty: Soccer, Chess, biking
Twitter: @ccmjungwoo

- He was a trainee under F&C Ent. 
- Loves coffee and cola.


Stage name: Sungmin
Birth name: Choi Sungmin
Nickname: Solid Sungmin
Birthday: December 7, 1995
Position: Lead rapper, lead vocalist, main dancer, maknae
Height: 1.72cm
Weight: 49 kg
Education: Unnam Middle School
Hobbies: Playing drums, listening to music.
Specialty: popping
Twitter: @coed_sm

- He was the last member to join Co-Ed School.
- Also appeared in "Star King", episode 180


Stage name: Jongkook
Birth name: Shin JongKook
Birthday: September 8, 1993
Blood Type: AB
Position: Lead Vocalist
Twitter:  @SJK_93

- Was a finalist on "Superstar K3".
- Added after the departure of Kangho.
- Core Contents Media's (a.k.a CCM) president personally met with him to ask him if he want to join the company.


Stage name: Saejoon
Birth name: Park Saejoon
Birthday: December 10, 1993
Position: Vocalist, face of the group.
Twitter: @Togoo90

- He added along with 5Doll's Nayeon.



Stage name: Yuhwan
Birth name: Kim YooHwan
Birthday: July 29, 1991
Height: 1.77 cm
Position: Vocal and dance.
Twitter: @jtlk400




Stage name: TaeHa
Birth name: Oh TaeHa
Birthday: March 4, 1992
Height: 1.76 cm
Twitter: @Taeha4




Stage name: Kwanghaeng
Birth name: Lee Kwang Haeng
Nickname: Rascal Kwanghaeng
Birthday: January 20, 1990
Position: Rapper, vocalist.
Height: 1.86 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Blood Type: AB
Education: Baekseok Arts University.
Hobbies: Watching movies, acting imitation, sports, reading.
Specialty: English, basketball.
Twitter:  @ccmkwang

- used to be the tallest member of SPEED.
- Had a cameo in "Death Bell 2"
- Had a minor role in "Coffee House" episode 14 and 15.


Stage name: Inoh
Birth name: Kang In Oh
Nickname: Balance Noori
Birthday: March 3, 1993
Position: Vocalist and rapper.
Height: 1.84 cm
Weight: 70 kg.
Education: Hyundai High School and Lila Art High School
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, soccer and computer.
Specialty: Boxing, basketball, soccer, computer.
Twitter: @rkddlsdh93

- Featured in T-ara's Roly Poly MV and in Japanese version of T-ara's Bo Beep Bo Beep MV.


Birth name: Park Yongsoo
Stage name: Kangho
Nickname: Hot Blood Kangho
Birthday: December 14, 1991
Height: 1.82 cm
Weight: 67 kg.
Position: Rapper

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SPEED's Debut

JUST AWESOME! I wait so much for this debut, you have no idea! 
And now... /tears\ My babies are so pretties! Look at TaeWoon's rap. Finally the big brother of my future husband, Zico, is officially back at KPOP stages. 
I think I'll post their profiles soon, please give lot of love for them, hn? ^ - ^ 
SPEED Fighting~!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do U Wanna B? Block B~


Name: Blockbuster 블락비
Members: Zico, Jaehyo, Taeil, P.O, B-Bomb, U-Kwon and Kyung.
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Genres: HipHop, pop, kpop, R&B, dance.
Labels: Stardom Ent. (previously BrandNew Stardom Ent.)
Created by: Cho PD
Debut date: 15th April 2011
Debut Single: Freeze!   그대로 멈춰라!
- In Block B's dorm there is one door with a picture of f(x)'s Sulli.
- Block B danced T-ara's Love Dovey in one of their Showcases (120201)
- Block B never learned from anybody. They all learned on their own before debut.
- There were 5 Block B members at first: Zico, Kyung, U-kwon, Mino, and Hanhae.
- B1A4's Jinyoung rejected Zico’s request of taking one selca with him because of Jaehyo’s plan.
- When Block B was asked of their first impression of Cho PD they said that he looked like a monkey.

Name: Woo Jiho 우지호

Birthday: 14th September 1992

Birthplace: Seoul

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lyricist, Composer and Producer

Weight: 65kg.

Height: 1,82cm

Blood Type: O

Religion: Catholic

Family: His older brother is TaeWoon (Woo Jiseok), leader of SPEED and rapper of Coed School.

Fanclube name (Official): Zicova.

Nicknames: Jamaican Beggar-co (He had dreadlocks on Tell Them era and MTV Match Up referred to him as Jamaican Beggar-co) and Ziraffe (He once impersonated a Giraffe in MTV Match Up)

Education: Seoul Music High School (attending), and also tudied abroad in Canada, China, and Japan.

Hobbies: Shopping, read, watching American comedias, collecting Hello Kitty (because of his strong image, he chose Hello Kitty to "break" it a little bit but now he doesn't do this anymore).

Specialities: Freestyle rap, composing, weaving melody lines.

Favorite Color: Black

Ideal Type:“For me, I like women with pretty legs and thighs. I really do like women with pretty legs and also girls that look good with long straight hair. And funny girls.” –Zico

Twitter: @ZICO92

- Featured in IU’s Marshmellow.
- Also featured in HyunA's Just Follow.
- Zico was the one who wrote his rap lines in HyunA’s song, Just Follow.
- Childhood friends with Kyung
- Studied in Japan
- Released a mix tape in 2010 titled ZICO on the Block which contains 19 tracks featuring many other hip hop artists
- Plays/talks well with strangers
- Calls twitter a “blue bird” because he doesn’t know if he’s allowed to say it on TV
- Former SM Trainee, supposed to be part of SHINee.
- In-charge of waking everyone up.
- Released another mixtape in 2012 titled "Zico on the Block 1.5"
- Zico shaved his head once to show that he is throuing away the immaturity he showed to the people of Thay and anyone else.
- Knows how to dance Teen Top's Crazy.
- Zico think his biggest charm is his bubble lips. (I agree keke)
- He thinks that a girls with piercings are pretty.
- Wants to collaborate with CL.
- Zico thinks Sandeul of  B1A4 is cute.
- Zico made his signature simpler so that he can sign BBC’s albums and posters faster and easier.
- Zico had his first kiss when he was in 2nd year of highschool.
- Zico is really bad at saying directions.
- Produced the new mini album of D-Unit "Affirmative Chapter.1"
- Also produced OFFROAD, a rookie boyband, with their new concept music "Head Banging".


Name: Ahn JaeHyo 안재효

Birthday: 23th December 1990

Birthplace: Busan

Position: Lead Vocalist, the visual.

Weight: 58kg.

Height: 1.81 cm

Blood Type: A

Fanclube name (Unofficial): Herp (because of his is a totally derp person)

Nickname: DerpHyo (Derp – to describe a retarded looking face because he has a lot of photos with a Derp face, specially since their Tell Them MV.)

Education: Youngdong High School

Hobbies: Watching Movies and collecting electronic equipment

Favorite Color: Black

Ideal Type: “I like gentle women. Not women who hang outside a lot. Just gentle women.” –Jaehyo

Twitter: @blockbhyo

- An internet ulzzang.
- Best Nine School Ulzzang 3rd Generation
- A cast of Mnet 꽃미남 아롱사태 (2008) with Song Joongki.
- Won in 1st Place Mnet Pretty, Busan Category
- Can’t live without his electronics
- Friends with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon
- He thinks he is the most beautiful in Block B.
- Jaehyo is a bit closer to INFINITE's Myungsoo.
- Childhood friend with EXO's Luhan and has a pre-debut picture with him.
- Wants to collaborate with Minah from Girls Day.
- Jaehyo had his first kiss when he was in 2nd year of highschool.


Name: Pyo Jihoon  표지훈

Birthday: 2nd February 1992

Birthplace: Seoul

Position: Rapper and Maknae

Weight: 64kg

Height: 1.81cm

Blood Type: B

Fanclube name: Pearl

Nicknames: Whale and Piglet (Because he said that he looked like Piglet without glasses on.)

Education: Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School (attending)

Hobbies: Acting

Specialities: Composing and Raping

Favorite Color: Hot pink

Ideal Type: “I like cute girls. For example, 2NE1′s Sandara Park senior or f(x)’s Sulli senior.” –P.O.

Twitter: @pyojihoon

- Admires Dara of 2NE1 and Sulli of F(x).
- Attended as a guest at Vibe Concert in 2010.
- According to the members, P.O is good at making up poses
- Played soccer when he was younger
- Thinks Kyung has no flaws
- Loves nachos
- Is Block B's troll.
- Love to make fun of his hyungs.
- At first P.O thought JaeHyo was a foreigner because he think Jaehyo is too good loocking.
- Wants to collaborate with Taeyang.
- P.O and Mino (BoM) are best friends


Name: Lee Minhyuk  이민혁

Birthday: 14th December 1990

Birthplace: Seoul

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Sub-rapper

Weight: 60kg

Height: 1.78cm

Blood Type: A

Fanclube name: Dimple (His type of girls are girls with dimples)

Nicknames: Grapefruit, Minhyuk-god (Because His hair is a color of a grapefruit. MTV Match Up in Japan referred to him as Minhyuk-god)

Education: Induk University, Broadcasting Major

Hobbies: Playing instruments, collecting fashion photoshoots

Specialities: Dance (Poppin and Hip Hop).

Favorite Color: Black

Ideal Type:My ideal girl is someone with cute dimples.” –B-Bomb

Twitter: @BlockB2011

- He trained with Infinite.
- Group 5 in Battle Shinhwa
- Won daesang for Coex Dance Jjang
- Won 3rd place for Mapo District Youth Champio
- Appeared in SBS Running Mackeral; KBS Supermom; Cho PD (Korea City) MV
- Has a habit going to sleep in one position and waking up in that same exact position.
- According to Kyung and Zico, he’s the most interested in porn
- Stays after to help TaeIl with choreography
- Afraid of heights
- Usually drink warm milk when he can't sleep.
- His last relationship was March 2012.
- According to Kyung B-Bomb is a selfish person
- Wants to collaborate with Jay Park


Name: Lee Taeil  이태일

Birthday: 24 September 1990

Birthplace: Seoul

Position: Main Vocalist

Weight: 57kg

Height: 1.67cm

Blood Type: A

Fanclube name (Unofficial): Shark Bait

Nicknames: Shark (Because he was trolled by Kyung saying that Sharks(in Korean) in english is Jaws and Shark in english means male ‘Jaws’.)

Education: Digital Seoul Culture Arts University (hiatus)

Hobbies: Collecting hats, fishing

Specialities: Singing.

Favorite Color: Black

Ideal Type: “Specifically, I like actress Lee Young Ah” –Taeil

Twitter: @BB_Taeil

- He was in MBC’s “A Birth of a Great Star”.
- He won daesang at Green Bank’s Children Singing Competition
- He was featured in Han’s Band’s 2009 Winter Album as a chorus
- Has the hardest time with choreography
- Hates being woken up
- Taeil once slept in the bathtub until 4AM. He woke up because he was cold


Name: Kim YooKwon  김유권

Birthday: 9th April 1992

Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Weight: 63kg.

Height: 1.76cm

Blood Type: A

Religion: Catholic

Fanclube name (Unofficial): Kitten

Nicknames: Kitty-Kwon, Mother-Kwon (Because in one of their shows he was impersonating a cat and in their MV shoot he played with cat. He is like the mother figure in Block B.)

Education: Anyang Technical High School (graduated)

Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, reading

Specialities: Dance, playing eletric guitar

Favorite Color: Yellow

Ideal Type: “As for me, I like women who look good with short cuts. I’m attracted to women with short hair.” –U-Kwon

Twitter: He deleted his account.

- Likes the anime One Piece
- Can dance while beat boxing
- Cleans the most
- Featured in “It’s Not Over” from Miss S Repackage Album
- Won the dance award at Anyang Youth Arts Festival
- Won the special award in a dance at Gyeongido Youth Arts Festival
- keeps his mother’s pic in his wallet.
- He used to like B2ST's music but after being in Block B, he began listening more to HipHop.
- His favorite times is the meals one.
- Wants to collaborate with BIGBANG


Name: Park Kyung 박경

Birthday: 8th July 1992

Birthplace: Seoul

Position: Lead Rapper, Lyricist

Weight: 56kg

Height: 1.76cm

Blood Type: B

Fanclube name (Unofficial): Pickle

Nicknames: Cucumber, Kyungcumber (Why? Because he has a long face which Jaehyo said he looked like a cucumber.)

Education: Kamo High School (New Zealand) and briefly studied in the Philipines when he was young

Hobbies: Web Surfing

Specialities: Rap, Composing.

Favorite Color: Red

Ideal Type: My ideal woman. Honestly speaking, I don’t look at physical features. Height? Don’t need it. Weight? Don’t need it. I just need a kind heart.” –Kyung


- Studied in New Zealand.
- He was childhood friends with ZICO.
- Started watching porn in elementary school
- Composed and rap in: Harmonix Digital Single (Letter); “Hope for Korean Hip Hop”; “Origin of Species” & “Map Music”; “It’s All Act”; “It’s Not Over".
- It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but Kyung decided to trust his elementary school friend Zico and join Block B.
- Used to play violin when he was young.
- Is allergic to cats.
- According to him the biggest charm of Block B is that they are not fake.
- He thinks that a girls with piercings are pretty.- Kyung's biggest passion are all BBCs, he is always saying thet he love them. He once said " lived in New Zealand for three years. But I live in my fans’ hearts now".
- Kyung knows about ‘ZiKyung’ couple.

Credits to Wikipedia,   and   <3