Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I wanna dance dance dance dan-dance! Fantastic Baby ♫

Every kpopper already tried to learn some kpop choreography... Me too! But FAAAAAIL, cuz I'm not good at dancing AT ALL. T_T At least I gave me a chance e_e keke
Actually, my older sister has a cover group, and I have to confess... THEY DANCE LIKE MACHINES! Ok, not that much, I mean, they will never be like TaeMin, HyoYeon, U-Kwon or something like that... Mianhae unnie ♥~  Ok, now seriously, they are really good at dancing, at least way better then me.
But the good news is that they will perform SNSD's I Gotta A Boy at their school and you know what? -v- It seems like I'm part of DREAM too *-* (DREAM is the name of the group) I know it's just because each one of them can't dance 3 girls at the same time but.. It doesn't matter, I'll dance. -v- keke
Well, I talked too much. lol All this "conversartion" just because I will post some of Youtube's channels with dance versions of kpop choreos and some with also mirrored version. It's easier to learn in those kind of versions. ^-^  These channels are the bests I founded so far. Wish you luck ♥







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